We offer tax and business consultancy to individuals and companies, as we are specialists in business operations.


  • General management consultancy
  • Taxation advice
  • International tax advice
  • Business planning
  • Projecting future financial flows
  • Financial calculations
  • International business consultancy
  • Other specialist work

Establishing a business

Most companies in Iceland are private limited companies, due to the simplicity and tax efficiency of this structure. In Iceland, the tax environment for companies and organizations can change a great deal in a short time. When deciding on the form of your company, you should look at the longer-term business scope and objectives.

Common forms of association

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Private limited (ehf.)
  • Limited liability companies (hf.)
  • Cooperatives (svf.)
  • Syndicates (slf.)
  • General partnerships (sf.)
  • Organizations

As part of our service, we establish your business in the selected form of association and also apply for your VAT number and/or put the company into the employer’s files, if necessary.

Financial management


  • Management of company accounts
  • Maintain requirements for online banking with existing accounts
  • Printing bills
  • Hosting of accounting
  • Preparing financial statements and tax returns
  • Payroll processing and VAT
  • Review/oversight access to company bank accounts
  • Other work related to the company

“Here, we provide comprehensive accounting and financial processes for the entire operation.”